if you know me, you know my disdain for Henry Ford

Which isn’t actually a personal vendetta, but more that I count Henry Ford as the person who catalyzed the societal structure of compartmentalization we have today because of unintended consequences of his invention: the assembly line. I generally frown at his name because I frown at what he represents in my mind, which is the archetype for compartmentalization. I hate compartmentalization (in society…here meaning in the division of labor) because it thrives on ignorance, and I hate ignorance. It thrives on people being valuable based on an inconsequential function they can perform rather than the mind God created them to have.

That being said, the background information about my paradigm regarding form vs. function, what is more important in fashion? Form or function?

Today i bought a pair of suspenders. I didn’t actually want them to suspend anything, but i thought they would go cute with this new pair of tapered chambray trousers. And then i put them on together, and lo and behold, THE SUSPENDERS HOLD THE pANTS UP PERFECTLY! I don’t know what i expected, but a belt did not nearly do the job of the suspenders. Aside from suspenders being my new favorite accessory, they actually work.

And then i thought thus: suspenders weren’t originally created to look a certain way, they were invented out of a necessity for pants to be held up! But now they are a fashion statement.

It makes me think that fashion has recently taken a turn (i’m not sure how recently, perhaps in the last 10-100 years) from being molded by function to being molded by form. But is that true? because in the time of Jane Austen (i recently watched pride & prejudice…) the more fabric you had on at any given time, the more rich you were, because you could afford the fabric. Function or form? And in regards to one of my recent posts about how people dress tend to dress in “looks” previously held by certain groups of people who were centered on an ideal, i.e. the hippies, even though any one individual may or may not disagree with the ideals of the original group. It probably wasn’t very “practical” to go without a bra (well, that can be argued..) but it was a statement. Function was forsook for form. like my alliteration?



a little lit and arts

What is it about the past that is so appealing to current trends? Are we so comfortable with the classic pieces of the past that we only slightly alter them to bring about something “new”? And when we replicate past styles completely, for example a hippie chic skirt and a flowy blouse topped off with a head wrap – the typical wardrobe of those protesting shoeless in the streets during the sexual revolution – are we also adorning ourselves with these ideals? if not, what about the style is so appealing?

Now, i am absolutely guilty of wearing styles identified with ideals with which i don’t particularly want to adorn myself. i wore that exact example outfit to work on sunday. but why? why did it appeal to me? i know it all looked good together, but only because boho gypsies made a deep ideological statement while wearing such pieces together. 

To be honest, these questions are spawning from my growing discomfort with the fact that i don’t have a style that is consistent through each outfit; rather, each outfit brings the style and i just wear it. to explain, i’ll be boho chic one day and then the next day i’ll look like a princeton graduate student from the 80’s. there is no consistency. i guess except that it is going on my body each time. and my hair is pretty standard…long, unkempt, ombred. 

does our style have anything to do with our ideals? does hippie chic appeal to people because they identify with the sexual revolution, marijuana, or john lennon? (i’m not at all saying there is necessarily anything wrong with those things…) do we dress like school girls because we value education and learning? do i like all different styles because i value many different ideals?

or are we all just pawns on the great chessboard of fashion designers who make clothes and style them a certain way so as so purport it as “cool” or “stylish” and we wear it because it’s what’s “in” or “cool”. 

but i don’t think i would know what to wear if things weren’t “in”. 

my dear college education has taught me quite fervently that a culture’s art reflects its values. does this include fashion, and if so, what does america’s fashion say about what america values? could is be that america is such a “melting pot” that it values all different historical ideologies yet still regarding innovation as god-like so as to constantly fuse retro with new quirks?

or are we so defined by how other people see us that we adorn ourselves simply by what’s “cool” or “in” without considering what we are expressing by dressing in a certain way? in that case, america values acceptance and mediocrity.


i think it might be a little of both.

questions on fashion & style

What is fashion? And what is style?

I raise the question based on a conversation i had with my dearest teenage friend, Allie (affectionately known as Awwie.) We were watching Say Yes to the Dress, and one of the featured brides had a sister who was deemed a “fashionista” because he career was in styling. But she looked ridiculous. She was wearing a hat that is so obscure i’m not even sure in which era it abides; her long sweater tunic had an obnoxious anchor, which happens to be my least favorite trending icon; at least there was some normality in her leggings and knee high boots. Allie and i didn’t consider her to look “fashionable”, but she indubitably wreaked of style. 

So which is most desirable, fashion or style? Are they dichotomous? 

In my mind, fashion has rules but style is completely personal. I find myself, personally, constantly struggling to strike a balance. I want to wear that head scarf, but it doesn’t go with the skirt. but why doesn’t it? because it breaks fashion rules or i don’t have the guts to do it? 

How do we know what things “go” together, and who ultimately decides anyway, and why are we so eager to submit to the rules? Where is the line between stylish and obscure? And to which do we submit, fashion or style, when they are opposing?

I have not yet formulated a full answer, but my first response would be that style is an innate, instinctual, quality in a person; it it more of a personality trait that manifests itself in one’s intentioned accoutrements rather than a standard to attain. Fashion, however, is an external societal standard, it is not instinctual. One who is in tune with culture and has style is the one who is most likely to be privy to the standards, though, because of the innate drive within her to express her stylishness (or perhaps its another quality? confidence? or simply creativity?)

I think this manifests itself when stylish people band together. Though they may wear similar clothing, they are friends more so because there is a stylish personality trait that draws them together. To make a confession, it seems like i’ve had trouble even remaining acquainted with people who possess zero style, because it’s so innate in my personality. Similarly, i find it hard to maintain friendships with people who disqualify theology because it is so important to me. Now this is just a possible application of my theory…i’m no anthropologist. 

anyway, the question stands: do we submit to instinctual style or the standards of fashion? is it compromising your creative nature to submit to fashion or to even appeal to both evenly? is fashion something that is at all instinctual or simply a standard set by the leaders in a culture? 


so, i last wrote before departing on a week long wilderness backpacking trip :O! it was simply wonderful. i loved living out of a backpack, off the joy of the girls and between the rolls of the mountains. i discovered that i like climbing mountains, but not as much as i like ministering to teenagers. being away allowed me to realign some thoughts i’ve had about my future. this week i was reminded why ministry is so important (and wonderful), and how much i actually enjoy it. i guess we get into routines and even something so enjoyable can become a habit and simply…normal. that being said God showed me what it was like to be content in ministry, aka, affirming that he would equip and strengthen me if that’s what he wanted me to do vocationally. it was so overwhelmingly relieving, because in the routine of life, i wondered if i would ever really be “satisfied” doing ministry; however, God gently reminded me that it’s not about being satisfied in a vocation, but being satisfied in him.

I’m still going to try to graduate in may. then i’ll go from there. If I end up doing ministry, my Bible degree is more than enough, so I don’t need to spend time on another major at PBU. If i decide on something with fashion, then after i get my bachelor’s i’ll look into graduate work at PhilaU. I’m so thankful that God has calmed my nerves and anxiety regarding my future.

In the mean time…
1. I began my new job at H&M yesterday. To understate the situation, i absolutely adore my job. I do not deserve this blessing.
2. it is a time of beginnings, i suppose. Today my Insanity workout collection came in the mail! And i did the fit test. it was really hard. but i feel so good! so energized!
3. Since I am on a 60 day lose weight and get fit journey, I have forbade myself from purchasing any clothing. none.* I plan on only buying clothes when the school year rolls around and I have completed Insanity. The idea is that any clothes i buy now won’t fit the same in 60 days, so i’m motivating myself to dig deeper so that i can buy clothes for the different body i’ll have in 60 days 🙂
*Except perhaps one dress for a wedding this summer. but i’ll know better when it rolls around if i really need to. also, accessories may or may not be acceptable to purchase, i.e. jewery, socks, tights, etc. 😀
4. Since I won’t be spending money on clothes!! I am saving up for a camera! and other fashion blogging expenses. I plan on purchasing some graphic design work from Aiver Press & Design (they don’t know yet 😛 ) and perhaps a web domain and the rights to the name i want. I also will be saving generally to re-build my wardrobe in the fall, to buy a beach cruiser, and for grad school. and for decor for my new room!…
5. it’s official, my family is moving! we have not yet sold our house, but we may be out as soon as july 31st! at the latest in the last week of august. so. exciting. for anyone who is not updated as much, we are only moving 6 minutes up the road into langhorne. i can’t wait to ride my bike to school! yeah!

well, that’s all i have for today. your prayers and encouraging words regarding my fitness/not buying clothes endeavors are welcomed and appreciated!



Lists and dreams, all in one post

I need to update more often so I can write little bits at a time rather than huge updates that take me a half hour to write out. Maybe I’ll make a list instead.

My life as of late:

1. Mid-college-career crisis. I’m trying to graduate within the next year in order to study fashion. It happened people! Anyway, meeting with a counselor at school TOMORROW! to figure out my credits and how soon I can graduate.
2. Fashion Blogging. I have teamed up with the lovely Erin Bedenbaugh to get a start on my fashion blogging adventures! She is taking photos of the looks I make; i get practice with styling, and she gets practice taking photos! Teamwork is such a beautiful gift from God. 
3. Weight-loss. Not happening. I’m in denial about the half a buffalo chicken pizza pie and 3 s’mores i shared with my boyfriend last night. I’m determined to begin P90x when I return from the backpacking trip next weekend.
4. Backpacking. I’m inclined to back out of this commitment like a scaredy cat, but lo and behold, I leave for a week of backpacking in the wilderness with 10 high school girls and some leaders from youth group. You can pray for me because I’ve never been away from home with no contact for that long. I’ll miss my honey too.
5.  My family put a bid in on a new house last night, so we’re in the process of packing up our house to show it in open houses and sell it. This is so exciting. I don’t really like my house very much, and the new one we are hoping to get is just darling. I think I want to paint my room all white. I’m in a minimalist mood it seems. 

This isn’t a list item, but I’ve employed metacognition to my creative thought processes, and it seems that I’m inclined to go in many different directions at once, and it’s hard to keep up with. I’ve been encouraged by the words of some of my fellow fashion bloggers like Janae C and Chandy C. Janae recently posted this: “Fickle. I had never really thought about it until sometime last week but that is exactly what I am. I am constantly inspired and motivated by different things and this in turn changes my likes, tastes, and affections very quickly. One minute I am all about cozy Vintage- opulent prints and fabrics, layering and bohemian vibes and the next I am all about Minimalism- clean lines, simple color palette, sleek fabrics and design. Its a hard thing to keep up with sometimes!” Chandy wrote similarly: “As always, I’ve been having an on/off relationship with clothes. With so much on my plate, I tend to just reach for the shirt and jeans and not even care. Doing that always makes me feel kind of devoid of something- almost like it nourishes me to construct what’s on my body in a very deliberate way.”


I’m so thankful for the world of blogging and being able to hear the thoughts, dreams, struggles, and accomplishments of other people just like me. I find that in the church or Christian circles, fashion is something of the world and not to be dabbled in too deeply, for fear of becoming like the world rather than just in the world. But was God not the first stylist? When Adam and Eve sinned, they were ashamed of their nakedness and covered themselves with fig leaves, but God did not approve. He fashioned them animal skins! Wow. The human body is close to the top of the workmanship of God (aside from His children, of course); And God had standards for how it was to be adorned. Fashion is not a necessary evil; it is a gift that God gave us despite our rebellion. He took something bad (our nakedness) and provided a solution that is not just fig leaves, but a beautiful creative outlet and expression of our humanity.


I will start a fashion blog. I need to first acquire a camera so that daily photos can be taken (though I thoroughly enjoy my afternoon shoots with Mrs. Bedenbaugh). I need to get a real website with real graphics. Based on the philosophy just shared with you, my little entrepreneurial endeavor shall be called “not just fig leaves”. I can’t wait to get the ball rolling. I am looking forward to having this week in the wilderness to explore my thoughts on the subject. 

Until next week my dears. Feel free to share your thoughts or creative struggles!


the homestretch!

Hello readers! (All three of you ;])

These past two weeks have indubitably been the most challenging of my entire academic career! It’s true! I’m compelled to count how many pages of material i read and or wrote in the past two weeks…i think i will…brb

29 pages///doesn’t seem like that much…anywho, it’s been really tough. I’m thankful for a few refreshing dates with my man this weekend. I spent all Saturday afternoon in the library and then got cute for dinner with my parents and Babe, and then we went to starbucks to study together. side note: Starbucks soy milk lattes are absolutely delectable! i’m addicted. especially the vanilla latte. I took the liberty of signing myself up for the rewards program because i know i’ll be drinking a lot of those lattes (five drinks = green level reward member = no up charge for soy milk!) it’s the little things. Sunday i joined my man at his church for a compelling sermon on worry, preached by Dave Trumbore. Matthew and i enjoyed a healthy lunch at Panera and then…i got a latte from Starbucks! yummy. I proceeded to spend the rest of my day studying for my Church History exam this afternoon, which i think i annihilated in the first 15 minutes (that’s good), and i wrote research paper on Mormonism. very intriguing religion, Mormonism. My paper is probably not as good as it could be; i got so burnt out this weekend. i’m taking these precious moments to write and take a break from my study of American history, on which i have a final at 9 am tomorrow. 


On this past wednesday I began a 30-day workout plan by Denise Austin. It’s wonderful. The first week you work out five days for a total of 20 minutes. you pick one of the workouts (athletic conditioning, mixed martial arts, card-sculpt, and cowbell something) and also do the 5 minute warm up and cool down. i love the mixed martial arts!! anyway tomorrow is the last day of the first week, and then the second week you do warm up, 2 workouts, and cool down. eventually you work up to doing all 4 workouts for 7 days! i’m glad its progressional, because i’m still getting over my cold, but i want to work out (memorial day is around the corner, my friends! you know what that means! rompers!)


what are you doing to get ready for bathing suit season? any tips? enjoy your evening lovelies!


ps, sorry for my inconsistent grammar and punctuation; i know it’s uncharacteristic, but the 29 pages of college work i wrote these last two weeks seriously put a damper on my ability to press the shift button along with the “i”. my pinky is sore. 

Bittersweet weekend

So on Friday I woke up with a sore throat. I know myself, and whenever I wake up with a sore throat I am definitely sick. I proceeded to still meet my sweet man for a lovely breakfast, but I was pretty groggy. He was wonderful, of course, and bought me chocolate and gave me hugs. I had to say by to him so he could play paintball this weekend up where it’s cold. I went to one class and came home where I passed out under a heap of blankets and my sweet pets. Saturday was no different: I woke up and passed out. My mommy called me out of work. Thanks Mommy. When I was feeling better later in the day I accepted the challenge of cleaning my room (I wish I had taken before and after pictures for you to see what a task it was…) I’m glad I did it; I was able to move around but it wasn’t too vigorous. I also did three loads of laundry! Yay! Last night i enjoyed a quiet night in with my parents and we watch Dead Poets Society! I’ve been itching to watch it lately; it’s so inspiring! Today I slept through church and up to about 12 pm. I felt a lot better when I woke up. It’s been nice to bum around for once. Tomorrow I’m going to try to get myself to the gym…hopefully I’m up for it! I’ll leave you with this:

“We don’t read and write poetry because it’s cute. We read and write poetry because we are members of the human race. And the human race is filled with passion. And medicine, law, business, engineering, these are noble pursuits and necessary to sustain life. But poetry, beauty, romance, love, these are what we stay alive for. To quote from Whitman, “O me! O life!… of the questions of these recurring; of the endless trains of the faithless… of cities filled with the foolish; what good amid these, O me, O life?” Answer. That you are here – that life exists, and identity; that the powerful play goes on and you may contribute a verse. That the powerful play goes on and you may contribute a verse. What will your verse be?” -Mr. Keating in Dead Poets Society